The Nurses On Boards Coalition (NOBC) is deeply grateful and proud of nurses all across the country for their dedication, service and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We honor all nurses, medical professionals, staff and volunteers serving on the frontlines and those supporting them behind the scenes in their local communities. NOBC is committed and available to support our members, partners, nurses and community members. Please contact us at if we can help you in any way. Especially now, we thank you for your interest, support and engagement in support of our mission. We hope you and those you hold close are protected, safe and healthy in the coming days.

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Nurses have a unique knowledge of and ties to the consumer, family, and community. Their valuable perspective needs to be a part of the decision making throughout the community–in health facilities, schools, businesses, city planning projects, and wherever ideas are turned into actions that affect the public and the community’s health. Everyone in America can live a healthier life, supported by a system in which nurses are essential partners in providing health care and promoting health.

Already have a nurse on your board? Tell us how you have engaged nurses on your board or in your organization.

Don’t have a nurse on your board yet? We can help! Check out The Value of Placing a Nurse on Your Board of Directors , and request nurse candidates for your board here:

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Are you interested in offering a board leadership development experience for 25 to 200 people?
STTI and NOBC have collaborated to offer a customized workshop on board leadership.  For more information, contact Laurie Benson | 608-215-4425.

Custom board educational programs are available through Sigma Theta Tau International, an NOBC Founding Member.  Contact Karen Beranek or phone 317-917-4933 for more information.




“NOBC’s efforts with helping us secure expertise on our advisory board has been exceptional! At the Center for Healthcare Innovation we were able to secure key expertise using her resources and team’s handling- it was seamless, prompt and thorough! Thank you so much for helping us with securing nursing presence on our advisory board. Your board initiative works and is beyond reproach! The work we are both doing is critical to increasing nursing voice on boards. Thank you! “
Dr. Faisal Aboul-Enein
Vice President for Board Development & Strategic Initiatives
Center for Healthcare Innovations LLC

Nurses on Boards Coalition