Find a Board

Looking to serve on a board? Interested in further developing your leadership skills? We offer a variety of resources to help you learn about the expectations around serving on a board and how to leverage connections to find a board to serve on.  Be sure to check the Resources page for helpful information.

The American Academy of Nursing has set as one of its three strategic goals to position nurses as leaders through appointments to a federal, state, or national organization’s board, commission, or council.  Service Opportunities are posted on their website.

Below are two special offers.
Women in the Boardroom (WIB), a NOBC Strategic Partner is committed to translating the intellect, skills and expertise of their members to board roles. WIB is offering two special discounts for nurses:

Option 1
Executive Development Program (unlimited live & recorded webinars)
Regular price: $395/year
NOBC member price: $295/year
Register Here

Option 2
VIP Membership Level III (Unlimited live & recorded webinars; Quarterly virtual group sessions; Access to board opening notifications & our innovative Matchmaking Program; Exclusive invite to our Annual Board Assembly)
Regular price: $1,500/year
NOBC member price: $1,250/year
Register Here

For additional information, please visit their website at or contact Sheila Ronning, CEO and Founder at or 212-722- 8515.



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