Find a Board

Looking to serve on a board? Interested in further developing your leadership skills? We offer a variety of resources to help you learn about the expectations around serving on a board and how to leverage connections to find a board to serve on.  Below are two special offers.  Be sure to check the Resources page for more helpful information.

Women in the Boardroom (WIB), a NOBC Strategic Partner is committed to translating the intellect, skills and expertise of their members to board roles. WIB is offering two special discounts for nurses:

Option 1

Executive Development Program (unlimited live & recorded webinars)
Regular price: $395/year
NOBC member price: $295/year

Register Here

Option 2

VIP Membership Level III (Unlimited live & recorded webinars; Quarterly virtual group sessions; Access to board opening notifications & our innovative Matchmaking Program; Exclusive invite to our Annual Board Assembly)
Regular price: $1,500/year
NOBC member price: $1,250/year

Register Here

For additional information, please visit their website at or contact Sheila Ronning, CEO and Founder at or 212-722- 8515.



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