The Nurses On Boards Coalition (NOBC) is deeply grateful and proud of nurses all across the country for their dedication, service and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We honor all nurses, medical professionals, staff and volunteers serving on the frontlines and those supporting them behind the scenes in their local communities. NOBC is committed and available to support our members, partners, nurses and community members. Please contact us at if we can help you in any way. Especially now, we thank you for your interest, support and engagement in support of our mission. We hope you and those you hold close are protected, safe and healthy in the coming days.

Find a Nurse – AARP Age-Friendly Network

    • Upon receipt of the form, we will begin the process of identifying a nurse through outreach to those registered in the NOBC database, AARP's Interest Form, and leverage our network to provide you with a list of qualified candidates.
    • You may include more than one position in the same form, simply include details in the “other selection criteria” section, near the end for the form.
    • As a best practice, please allow 3 weeks for us to respond to you with a list of candidates. Depending on the number of candidates, at your request, we will conduct an initial review and narrow the number of candidates to your preferred number.
    • After you review the candidates and make your selection, you have the option to notify the candidates who were not selected, or we will do this on your behalf.
  • Include the specific name of your Age-Friendly County or Community.
  • Include your own website, if applicable.
  • Include your local mission, if applicable.
  • Hospital/health system, non-profit, university/college, corporation, etc.
  • For example, 5+ years of experience, if no requirement, list none.
  • For example, family, pediatrics, gerontology, etc
  • Check all that apply.
  • Be specific if the nurse must live and/or work in a specific community or county to be eligible for consideration.
  • For example, AARP or other, otherwise state none.
  • Date format: MM/DD/YYYY
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you have standing or scheduled meeting dates, please include. If not, include approximate number of meetings/year.
  • If yes, include amount. Otherwise respond No.
  • It is expected the role is volunteer, in the case that any compensation or expense reimbursement is provided, please indicate.
  • Date format: MM/DD/YYYY
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please describe the review and approval process in selecting candidate/candidates.
  • Provide any additional information that will help nurse candidates understand how you would like them to be involved. If you would like to consider more than one nurse, and/or nurses to fill more than one role, please include this information here.

Nurses on Boards Coalition