The Nurses On Boards Coalition (NOBC) is deeply grateful and proud of nurses all across the country for their dedication, service and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. We honor all nurses, medical professionals, staff and volunteers serving on the frontlines and those supporting them behind the scenes in their local communities. NOBC is committed and available to support our members, partners, nurses and community members. Please contact us at if we can help you in any way. Especially now, we thank you for your interest, support and engagement in support of our mission. We hope you and those you hold close are protected, safe and healthy in the coming days.

The Reason I Serve

For advice and inspiration, we invite you to read the real life experiences from nurses serving on all types of boards, large and small, local and national, healthcare and non-healthcare related to learn more about their paths to the boardroom.

Cecily Byron DNP, RN-BC

As a nurse in the boardroom, I can bring to the table a wide range of skills that include a holistic approach to problem solving and strategic planning, critical thinking, quality and process improvement, communications, and human resource management. Continue Reading


Self-reflection – have a good idea of your strengths and areas of opportunity. Don’t ever be afraid to look something up, no one has all of the answers. Ask questions, be inquisitive, and do your research. Don’t be afraid to give healthy and respectful push-back. Continue Reading

Boards: Council of Business Advisors (CoBA) with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses
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Sherry Fieroh RN, MSN, CAPA

Realize that it will require more time than you thought. Ask questions all the time and use your other board members skills. Give lots of positive feedback to those you serve with. Continue Reading

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Mary Anne Schultz PhD, MBA, MSN, RN

Who will bring the holism awarded to us to safekeep on behalf of our patients/consumers, if we don’t?! Continue Reading

Boards: CMS-sponsored committee on Interoperability, PACIO
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Healthcare is related to just about everything. Corporations are paying a fortune for it and don’t know much about it. They need nurses who understand the systems and how they work. Continue Reading

Boards: Nurses on Boards Coalition (Secretary 2017, 2018), CO Veterans Commission for Community Living Centers (Chair), Regis University College of Health Sciences Advisory Board
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