The Reason I Serve: Judith M. Scott, PhD, RN

The Reason I Serve: Judith M. Scott, PhD, RN

In your view, why is it important for nurses to serve on boards?

It is the responsibility of all citizens to offer leadership and expertise where it can benefit the larger population, and this includes nurses. I tell my students this at every opportunity.

Share an experience of how you have made an impact serving on boards.

This is my first board experience, but I have had several amazing experiences. During the pandemic, I was able to interview older residents of the county, collect the research data, and share the findings with the City of Colorado Springs, Without the board experience, this would not be likely.

What advise do you have for nurses serving on a board?

Don’t discount what you know as a nurse, even if you do not have board experience. Growth in leadership is an unfolding process, and it comes with service.

Judith M. Scott August 19, 2021

Boards: ANA, Colorado Nurses Association, STTI, APHA, CPHA, ACHNE
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