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Sylvia Miller

Sylvia Miller


Credentials: MSN, RN

Place of Employment: Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

Which Nursing Organizations are you currently a member of: ANCL, FACHE, ARIN

Board(s) currently serving on: ARIN and Young Audiences Northern California


Tell us about your journey to the boardroom. What inspired you to seek a leadership position?

When ANCL began promoting board membership it made me think about what I could do and contribute to. I got involved in ARIN with projects and began reaching out to organizations that had a mission I could connect with. When I found Young Audiences, I felt they were an organization I would like to contribute to.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I attend workshops, read books, and I have a mentor.

What impact have you had serving on a board? Example?

I just began my board membership in January of 2017. I am looking forward to building my network towards positive, constructive growth for myself and the organizations that have given me this opportunity.

What advice would you give someone going into a board leadership position for the first time?

Find something that connects with your passion and find a mentor that has board experience to help you navigate board leadership.

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader and eventually obtaining a board position?

Read Robert’s Rules of order and Stoesz’s Doing Good Even Better.

Why do you feel it is important for nurses to serve on boards?

Nurses need to broaden our experiences and develop a well-rounded depth/breadth to our leadership experience. As nurses we also have to look to expand our influence and build networks. Those networks should have diversity. Diversity with people from different backgrounds, different careers, and different interests. We need a resourceful network that can potentially work synergistically to accomplish things. Participation as a volunteer board member is a wonderful path to take.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to nurses serving on boards?

I don’t think there are any real barriers. It is just a matter of seeking out opportunity and getting involved.


Sylvia Miller MSN, RN July 6, 2017

Boards: ARIN and Young Audiences Northern California
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