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The Reason I Serve: Elyse Shelger, MSN, RN, CCRN-P, NE-BC

The Reason I Serve: Elyse Shelger, MSN, RN, CCRN-P, NE-BC

  • Name: Elyse Shelger
  • Credentials: MSN, RN, CCRN-P, NE-BC
  • Place of Employment: CHOC Children’s Hospital and Stanford Children’s Hospital
  • Which Nursing Organizations are you currently a member of? ACNL, ANA, AACN
  • Board(s) currently serving on: Hembal, Inc

Tell us how your input on the board creates new perspectives for thinking about board activities or priorities.

Understanding from experience the questions mothers ask about various formulas, knowing what they are looking for and what nutritional barriers exist for mothers and babies. Also, being able to critically evaluate scientific research articles and FDA regulatory requirements and standards to ensure we are in compliance and prioritizing safety in every phase.

Describe an example of how your input resulted in an ‘A-Ha!’ moment for the board members.

To be honest we have only had one formal board meeting due to coronavirus and other obstacles. We have no spent much time together as a group. I would say the A-ha moment that has happened was when I was able to introduce myself to the board and explain my background and why I was passionate about working with the particular company. As the only female on the board it was important to me that they understand what value I can bring. Having experience as a pediatric nurse, working in neonatal intensive care units, as well as a masters degree in Nursing Leadership, I feel like I found the perfect company to serve.

How is the impact of your board service unique from the impact of other board members?

The company is is still in the idea phase, and our board is brand new, established in January. I look forward to getting to know my fellow board members in time and seeing how we each can contribute in our own unique ways and gel as one strong team.

Please provide an example of how your nursing experience influenced change in board discussions or decisions.

I believe my nursing experience will be impactful as we get deeper into the weeds. At this point we are doing some market research, and our founder is working hard on building out the new website. I am motivated by the fact that we truly have a unique product, unlike anything else currently on the market.

What advice do you have for nurses seeking their first board role?

My advice is to look for positions that excite you. Many board positions are voluntary and therefore you want to gain intrinsic value from your contribution. My other piece of advice is to not allow fear of rejection to stand in your way of trying. The more you out yourself out there, the more opportunities you will find. When the right one comes along it will be worth the challenges you faced to get there.

Any additional comments you wish to share:

I am so grateful to NOBC for opening new doors to me. I have had the pleasure of speaking with multiple NOBC team members who have each given me inspiration and motivation to continue growing as a person and furthering my career. NOBC had also introduced me to InTouch Networks which has also been incredibly valuable in my growth. These two organizations have created an outstanding partnership.

August 27, 2020

Nurses on Boards Coalition