Tessie Bowmaker

Tessie Bowmaker RN, MSN-APFN, MHA-C, CNML September 13, 2019

  • Name of Board: Fair Grove School- Athletic Board, Fair Grove Park Board, Nurses on Boards Conference Committee
  • How have your raised your leadership voice to have an impact? After attending my first NOB, I decided it was time to take ownership in our profession and as a leader it was my obligation to do so. I began first by becoming more involved in NOB and currently sit on the committee that develops NOB training within the Tri-State areas of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee. I then started applying to board positions where I felt I could not only make a difference for my profession but also for the healthcare of the communities I serve.
  • How did you decide to speak up and how did you do it?  After attending multiple Junior Varsity Football games in Fair Grove, I noticed there were no emergency medical care providers available to these students on game nights when Varsity played as well. The medical team would serve the Varsity players but not the Junior Varsity players. I felt this was not a safe situation for our students. I explained my concerns to the school athletic department with no response. I then applied to sit on the board, brought the concern forward on the agenda, a vote was made to unanimously provide medical staff for all school athletic functions to include Junior Varsity.
  • What advice do you have for your colleagues in raising their leadership voices? Do not give up if you find no one is listening or offering board positions. It took me two years after attending my first NOB to be selected to sit on a board. Also, apply to boards that you are passionate about serving on. This passion will drive you to be a leader on that board by offering your insight and expertise. It does not have to be a healthcare related board for you to make an impact as a leader.
Boards: Fair Grove School- Athletic Board, Fair Grove Park Board, Nurses on Boards Conference Committee
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