Scott Malaney

Scott Malaney

“In a community our size, it is very difficult to identify a person with extensive experience and education in the nursing field, who isn’t already affiliated with our organization.  For us, then, the NOBC offered the perfect solution.  My introduction to Laurie Benson, representing NOBC, led to extensive discussions about the type of person and the skill sets we were hoping to attract.  Subsequently, Laurie and her colleagues were successful in identifying three highly qualified candidates were able to interview.  I was impressed with the ability of NOBC to listen carefully and provide us with candidates that clearly met our criteria.  We were able to speak with and ultimately attract a person with an impressive background, both educationally and experientially, including significant time spent overseas.  In addition, our candidate is the first person to serve on our Board who is not “local”.   As a result, we have a critically important member of the Board’s Quality Committee, as well as a Board member who can bring a rich perspective from outside our immediate geographic area. To say we are both impressed and appreciative of the services offered by NOBC is more than true!”

- CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System

Scott Malaney CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System Blanchard Valley Health System May 24, 2018

Boards: CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System
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