Tracy A Ortelli

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Boards: New Jersey League for Nursing
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Tessie Bowmaker RN, MSN-APFN, MHA-C, CNML

Do not give up if you find no one is listening or offering board positions. It took me two years after attending my first NOB to be selected to sit on a board. Also, apply to boards that you are passionate about serving on. This passion will drive you to be a leader on that board by offering your insight and expertise. It does not have to be a healthcare related board for you to make an impact as a leader.  Continue Reading

Boards: Fair Grove School- Athletic Board, Fair Grove Park Board, Nurses on Boards Conference Committee
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Sherry Fieroh RN, MSN, CAPA

Realize that it will require more time than you thought. Ask questions all the time and use your other board members skills. Give lots of positive feedback to those you serve with. Continue Reading

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Scott Malaney CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System

“In a community our size, it is very difficult to identify a person with extensive experience and education in the nursing field, who isn’t already affiliated with our organization.  For us, then, the NOBC offered the perfect solution.  My introduction to Laurie Benson, representing NOBC, led to extensive discussions about the type of person and the skill sets we were hoping to attract.  Continue Reading

- CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System
Boards: CEO-Blanchard Valley Health System
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Mary Anne Schultz PhD, MBA, MSN, RN

Who will bring the holism awarded to us to safekeep on behalf of our patients/consumers, if we don’t?! Continue Reading

Boards: CMS-sponsored committee on Interoperability, PACIO
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Nurses on Boards Coalition