The Reason I Serve

For advice and inspiration, we invite you to read the real life experiences from nurses serving on all types of boards, large and small, local and national, healthcare and non-healthcare related to learn more about their paths to the boardroom.

Jason Straw BSN

I had a terminally ill epileptic child who was take 5 FDA approved anti-seizure medications and a vagal nerve stimulator. These medications were causing his liver functions to elevate and his heart to enlarge while still having up to 15 seizures a day that could last up to 6 minutes without breathing. I would have to bag him until the EMS arrived about once every 1 to 2 weeks. He was usually in the hospital for a week or so for aspiration pneumonia once every 6-8 weeks… Continue Reading

Boards: Disability Party Medical Adviser, Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis District 5 Leader, Higher Fellowship Medical Adviser, The National Chronic Pancreatitis Support Network Medical Adviser
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Sandra Ranck MSN, RN

I had been active in my community and in my local and state nursing organizations. I felt making the leap to a regulatory board was a logical next step! Continue Reading

Boards: Ohio Board of Nursing
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Stacy McNall MSN, RN, IBCLC

Outside of my love for the nursing profession, I have a passion for music and music education. I was a music teacher prior to attending nursing school, so this is my way of staying connected to my music passion. Continue Reading

Boards: Spotlight on Kids
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Carolyn Ewell MS, APRN, FNP-BC

I really can’t seem to keep my mouth shut, so people find out about my views! Seriously, you have to make contacts, reach out to people, and be willing to step up and volunteer. Continue Reading

Boards: Utah Nurses Association, Duchesne County Children's Justice Center
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Carol Boswell Ed.D., RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

Initially when I sought the board position with our hospital district, my reason was to be able to address the health concerns of a county hospital move into the hospital district format. Many community issues were happening which lead me to the believe that a health care provider was needed on the board to provide a different focus for the board of directors… Continue Reading

Boards: Permian Regional Medical Center; Texas Statewide Health Coordinating Council
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